Springs Automotive Group LLC - Dishonest Sales Representative

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On June 21, 2013, Springs Automotive Group LLC sales representative Mr.Willie Wesley and I were discussing about the price of a 2001 Ford Windstar that I seen on Auto Trader for $4,000.

I told Mr. Wesley that I did notice several problems with the vehicle during the test drive. However, Mr. Wesley and I proceeded into his office to negotiate a purchasing price for the vehicle.

Mr. Wesley did tell me that the tax was not included in the $4,000. Therefore, Mr. Wesley presented two different prices for the vehicle ($6,252.03 & $5,252.03).

I declined both of those prices. Mr. Wesley asked me how much tax would I be willing to pay after $4,000. I told Mr.

Wesley $500, which is a total of $4,500 that I would be willing to pay for the vehicle. Mr. Wesley said that he could work with that price. However, I told Mr.

Wesley that I wanted to take the vehicle to an auto shop to get the vehicle inspected. Mr. Wesley told his boss and we left the dealership and headed to Firestone Auto Care. After the car inspection, which took almost 3 hours, Firestone told me that the vehicle had too many problems however; it was my decision on if I wanted to buy the vehicle.

I showed Mr. Wesley the list of problems that Firestone wrote down about the vehicle. Mr. Wesley asked me what it would take for me to buy the vehicle.

I told Mr. Wesley that I would buy the vehicle if the problems were fixed. Mr. Wesley told me that it would be no problem because most of the defects were covered under their bumper-to-bumper warranty that was on the 2001 Ford Windstar for one month.

I asked Mr. Wesley why they could not fix the defects before I purchase the vehicle. Mr. Wesley told me let me talk to my boss.

Mr. Wesley's boss comes out and tells me that most of the defects were minor. In addition, Mr. Wesley's boss tells me that he cannot sell me the vehicle for $4,500.

I asked Mr. Wesley's boss why was I lied to about being able to purchase the vehicle for $4,500. Mr. Wesley's boss told me that he has another vehicle in my price range.

I told Mr. Wesley's boss that I still want to know why I was lied to about the $4,500 price. Mr. Wesley asked me to wait and he and his boss went to another office.

About 10 minutes later, Mr. Wesley said he has another vehicle for me for $4,500. I told Mr. Wesley that was unacceptable because he lied to me and I wasted 5 hours of my time.

In addition, I had to pay $110.80 to inspect the vehicle. If Mr. Wesley was honest with me about the price of the vehicle from the beginning then we would not have this problem. Mr.

Wesley could have easily told me that he could not accept $4,500 for the vehicle. I would have declined the offer and walked out the door. Springs Automotive Group benefits from their actions because Mr. Wesley's boss copied the list of defects from Firestone so they can fix the defects and then sell the vehicle at a higher price.

The bottom line is Mr. Wesley and I had a verbal agreement that I can purchase the vehicle for $4,500. However, it is clear to me that Mr. Wesley had no intentions on selling the vehicle for $4,500.

I do not think it is fair that a business would treat their customers this way.

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I have had similar issues with this dealer. Do you remember the name of Mr. Wesley's boss?

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